What Do They Eat? - Sweet Potato Soup


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Meet Whitney Hubbard, she is a yoga instructor that I met at the CrossFit South Brooklyn gym. Whitney has a naturally bright, friendly aura (as you can see); she reminds me of summer with those golden locks and when I learned that she's a surfer that cemented that idea in my brain.  At CFSBK Whitney teaches an excellent yoga class "for athletes" which is a great relief for my tight muscles. Check out Whitney's website, YogaPeel NYC to see where and when you can catch her next yoga class.

For this month's "WDTE" Whitney shares her mother's recipe for a nourishing sweet potato soup just in time for the cold snap.  This soup is loaded with vegetables and has a kiss of ginger and garlic so it's the perfect elixir to keep the cold season at bay.  First let's learn a little more about Whitney's yoga practice and get her thoughts on nutrition.

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